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About MillieThe lovely Millie has been with us for some time now. Sadly Millie doesn't like other cats and really struggles to trust humans although we are moving in the right direction. She will allow you to stroke her and will run over to greet you when called but only if she's in a friendly mood. Millie sadly has no tail, this was removed prior to her coming to us. However we would imagine this was down to an old injury. Millie loves her own space where she can laze in the sun or run around playing and keeping herself amused. Millie finds being around the other cats very stressful so she would be better on her own in a home environment.

Type of Home: Ideally Millie would need someone that's willing to let her do her own thing but at the same time trying to interact with her showing her that she's got nothing to be afraid of. She would need to be go to an adult only home as she can be a little unpredictably when put in a position that she feels threatened. Obviously due to her liking her own company we would need to ensure she was going to a home that she's the only family pet. We can see with our progress that under Millie's tough appearance that actually there is a lovely cat just wanting to break through that shell but this will take time so her new owner would need to be patient. Millie is very special to us here and we would love to see her in a home. If you think you can fit this special little lady into your home then please get in contact.

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