BreedBlack & White Short Haired


Age: 2009

About GeronimoGeronimo has been with us for just over a year now, he's a very independent cat but will from time to time look for cuddles but they have to be on his terms. Geronimo certainly has personality he knows exactly what he wants to do and when. He loves to play out in the garden and will happily keep himself amused for ages.

Type of HomeAll Geronimo needs is somewhere he can be allowed his own space to do as he pleases. But at the same time allowing him to be social with his new owners. He needs someone that from time to time doesn't mind being scratched or bitten in play mode as he is well known for taking play to another level. Due to this we have to say that sadly he can't live with children under 16. We also think it would be better for him if he's the only pet in the household. As he really does struggle to get on with other animals.

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