BreedEnglish Bull Terrier X



About MiaMia is one of our elder residents, but the age should not put you off.

Mia loves her bed more than most things in the world. Despite Mia spending most of her time wrapped up in her duvet she does in fact love playing in the paddling pool in the summer then lying out in the sun to dry off.

Mia is deaf but this has never held her back. She will watch what you are doing and if you would like her to move to a certain area, if you point, she will quite happily move there.

Mia would be suited to living in a bungalow as she does have trouble with her legs and easy access to a back garden so she can go to the loo then let herself back in would be ideal.

Mia does not like being on a collar and lead but will follow you around. She loves lots of fuss and attention and enjoys nothing more than a good cuddle. If Mia was a person she would probably enjoy a box of Black Magic while listening to classical music!

Type of HomeMia could live with older children 15+ but ideally would be suited to an older person who would just like a bit of company and a not a dog that would go on long walks. Mia would like to be the only pet in the home.

Children: 15+

Dogs: No

Cats: No

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