Breed: Terrier

Gender: Male

Age: 2011

About MurphyMurphy came in with his son Ollie and at first it was apparent that there had not been much socialization with people and other animals.

Over the past few months Murphy has become more affectionate towards the people who care for him on a daily basis and enjoys having a cuddle with people he knows well enough.

Murphy shows more affection towards the ladies and enjoys going for walks with them. Unfortunately Murphy still has fears towards men and can show his fear through aggression. He enjoys treats and loves to play with tennis balls in our exercise area.

Type of HomeMurphy could only live with adults and they would have to visit him regularly to get to know him before he goes to a home. He seems to like smaller female dogs but they would have to be tried on Sanctuary premises before he left (again several times) and could certainly not live with dog bigger than him.

Children: No

Dogs: No

Cats: No

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