BreedGerman Shepherd X Collie

Gender: Male

Age: 2012

About DexterDexter is a fantastic German Shepherd X Collie who displays the typical herding and protecting traits of the breed. He is very responsive to commands when he is calm and responds best to voice and touch during his training sessions with his main carer. We think that Dexter would be brilliant at agility or any active training classes to keep his brain working and to help satisfy his high levels of energy. Dexter is a very loving boy who loves his cuddles and 1:1 time.

He is highly intelligent and has a lot of command training under his belt. But he will need an owner willing to continue his recall and someone who has plenty of time to work on his training.

Type of Home: Dexter will need to be the only dog and only pet living in the home as he can be protective of his owner/carers. He would however definitely benefit from his new owners being willing to socialise him with other dogs. It would be ideal if potential adopters have had experience of dealing with a strong and highly active dog before.

Children: No

Dogs: No

Cats: No

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