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About DisneyDisney came into us for not getting on with the young daughter in her previous home. Assessment of her here at OAS revealed that she is highly possessive and will bite if she thinks you are going to take something that is "hers." For this reason, Disney is unable to be rehomed with children or other animals.

Type of HomeShe is a very sensitive little dog who thrives on having a familiar routine. Potential new owners will need to be prepared to visit Disney over an extensive period of time at the Sanctuary before she will feel comfortable with them. She is not good with strangers so will need a quiet home with very few visitors. When Disney does feel confident her cheeky side comes across; she enjoys going for a walk, and having a cuddle.

Children: No

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Words from a Volunteer Dog Walker: “Disney is a happy lass but she is very shy and nervous of new people, which can manifest in her being protective. However, once she gets to know you, Disney is a real sweetheart who enjoys cuddles, hunting for mice and having a brush.

I have been walking Disney regularly since February and, to begin with, she was a reluctant walker. We spent most of our first walk together sat outside the Sanctuary gates - whilst she refused to walk and I refused to let her simply go back to her kennel.

After a few walks, Disney was clearly excited to see me but still needed patience and encouragement on our walks. I am pleased to say that the efforts of her handler, Anna, and myself have paid off - sometimes I struggle to keep up with Disney as she races down the drive! Of course, she can still have her stubborn moments (can't we all) but a treat or a reassuring cuddle usually gets her on her way again.

For the right person, Disney will be a loving and loyal companion but, despite her waggy tail, her shyness can be off-putting for some. A potential adopter would need to spend a lot of time getting to know Disney but don't let that put you off - she really is a wonderful and fun dog. If I could offer her a suitable home I wouldn't hesitate to adopt her." - Amy Hall, Volunteer Dog Walker

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