BreedLabrador X Staffy X Collie


Age: 2010

About BuddyBuddy is a loving boy who took a while to settle into daily life at OAS. Now he has found his paws he loves to go for walks and play with his toys. His particular favourite is a moose teddy! Buddy has proven to be fantastic with people, but is a little selective of his doggy friends, so will need an owner with experience in this. We believe with some training he could be sociable with other dogs out and about on walks. We believe that Buddy will make a fantastic pet to the right owners, he is eager to please and very food orientated.

Type of home: Buddy would like to be the only pet in the home, but could live with children aged 10+. We would also advise that potential adopters spend his first week at home with him to allow him to settle in. Once he is settled we believe Buddy would be able to be left for between 2 - 4 hours.

Children: 8+

Dogs: Some

Cats: No


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