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All of our animals whether dogs, cats or smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs have different needs and have come from different environments. For this reason, if you do decide you would like to adopt an animal, we aim to match your requirements and living arrangements to the needs of our animals.

With this in mind, it also pays to consider the type of animal you would like and the experience you have. Sometimes, the dog you like the look of may not be the best suited to your family.

Remember, we are always here to advise and offer any help we can. it can take time for your new pet to settle in, so it is worth bearing in mind what is happening in your life when your new addition arrives.

About Our Cat Section

The cat section at The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary is extremely busy as we usually have up to 100 cats in our care. We work hard to give them the best love and care we can while they are with us until they find their new forever homes. For some it is a short stay, while others may be with us years before they are adopted, but they will always have a home with us for as long as it takes. We also have a number of feral cats that are not suitable to be kept as pets, but we will always provide them with food, shelter and plenty of space to roam so they can enjoy their lives here free and naturally.

In the interests of animal welfare, we do not re-home cats or kittens as housebound animals. If a cat has been brought into us having only ever been a house cat, this would be the only exception.

We welcome visitors to come and meet the cats in our care and will do our best to find just the right one to join your family. With such a large number of cats in our care time is limited, so we are always happy to have volunteers to help with socializing and grooming, and the cats are always happy to have an extra lap to curl up on.

About Our Dog Section

Taking on a rescue dog is never without its challenges and should not be entered into lightly. But, if you are committed to the animal and its rehabilitation, there is nothing more rewarding; portrayed in the loyalty you shall receive from your new friend.

"I get such a feeling of pride being in charge of a kennel block here at The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. Working with these dogs 6 days a week creates a truly meaningful bond between me and them. This is a must when a lot of these dogs have come from difficult backgrounds and therefore need one on one attention to build their trust. This bond does in turn make me very protective of them and their needs, and I consequently look to find them new homes with understanding owners prepared to invest the necessary time and effort to help them adjust to life outside the kennel.”

- Anna Strand

OAS Employee. 

You can use our charity reference number: 1300057302