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About OAS


The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary rescues & rehomes over 500 animals in the Oxfordshire area every year. Since opening in 1967 we have managed to help over 25,000 animals. We continue to support Oxfordshires abandoned animals, helping more and more pets each year to find loving new homes.

At present on site we have over 60 dogs, 90 cats and kittens plus a number of rabbits and guinea pigs. We also care for our permanent guests of goats, sheep, a horse and a little Shetland pony.

We hold our ’non-destruction policy’ as a core principle for our work. This means that we will never put a healthy animal down and work to rehabilitate each rescue that comes through our gates. You are able to Sponsor some of our recue animals to support them during their stay at the Sanctuary.

Thank you for your support.

article-missgreyOur History

In the very early days of The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary Society, the founding members rescued stray animals and housed them in boarding kennels and catteries. 

In 1967, during a very cold Christmas, the Oxford Mail published a picture of Miss Gray feeding hay to the ponies on Port Meadow. That picture was seen by Miss Sybil Morley who asked to meet Miss Gray as she was so moved by what the Society was trying to do for the animals. Miss Sybil Morley made a gift of £1,000 and later she offered a further £5,000 hoping it would buy a place where the Society could have its own Sanctuary.


By good fortune the South Oxfordshire Hunt had put on the market its property at Stadhampton, Miss Morley’s gift enabled the Society to purchase the site. Volunteers helped to turn the stables and hounds quarters into suitable kennels and finally, in July 1970, 35 animals were moved from various boarding establishments around the County to become the first inhabitants of the present Sanctuary.


Since then, thousands of animals have found a refuge at Stadhampton. Some have been with us only a short while before being adopted by a new owner. Others have had to wait much longer, whilst for a few the Sanctuary has been a “home” for the rest of their days.


Over the years, as more and more strays and unwanted pets have been brought to us, the Society has had to increase the kennelling at Stadhampton. Financial problems have plagued us all too frequently, but somehow we have survived. Through the generosity of Sybil Morley and thousands of other friends, we are today caring for more animals than ever before.