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Aims & Objectives

Our promise to the animals of Oxfordshire

  • The Animal Sanctuary exists to provide a refuge for dogs, cats rabbits and guinea pigs who have been mistreated, neglected or abandoned and for those whose owners are no longer able to care for their pets.
  • We have a ‘no destruction’ policy for all healthy animals. (The only exception to this rule is in the case of banned breeds.)
  • The Sanctuary has a ‘no refusal policy’ to animals in need. But if the Sanctuary is full and there is no immediate risk to the animal they may be placed on a waiting list for admission
  • For animals admitted to the Sanctuary, we assess their needs and provide them with the best possible care during their stay. In most cases every effort will be made to find stable and loving adoptive homes where each animal’s individual needs can be met.
  • When finding a home for a rescue is not possible, the Sanctuary will become their ‘home for life’.