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Non-destruction policy

article-wwd-non-destructionThe Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary maintains a non-destruction policy, which means we never put a healthy animal down.

Although many of the animals in our care find homes within a few weeks, some have more specific requirements which make it harder to find them a home. This can be due to a number of reasons. Some do not like being in a kennel environment and so do not present themselves favourably but are fine outside. Others do have behavioural issues that can be successfully resolved away from the stressful environment of the Sanctuary with effort and commitment on the part of a new owner. Sadly, some are simply regarded as just not ‘pretty’ and are not chosen because of their looks.

At OAS we dont discriminate a dog just because of a difficult histroy. We work to rehabilitate each rescue, giving them the time and undestanding to live a happy and fulfilled life.