Ollie – 3 years on

A few days ago, we received a lovely update about Ollie, one of our former residents. Read on…

Hello everyone at the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary,

As the 3 year mark has past, we thought it would be a lovely time to let you know how Ollie is getting on.

He is still a very happy, loving boy, who loves a good fuss and play. He also loves he sleep and does take over the bed some nights!

In the last year he became a big brother to our daughter, and ever since they have been inseparable. They are the best of friends and he is so patient with her, she adores him.

He has also got a lot better with other dogs; to the point where we can have a few play dates with his doggy friends and even have dogs to stay when their humans are away.

He truly is a gentle giant!
It’s great to hear about pet’s bringing so much happiness to people.
If you’ve adopted from us, please send us your story and some pictures to info@oascharity.org.uk