2020 – A Year in Review

Despite a challenging year, we’ve managed to re-home almost as many animals as we did in 2019. Our team has been amazing as ever.

Like many other rescue organisations, we’ve had to change our adoption process in light of new regulations. This means that some of the adoption procedures are now carried out online and virtually, and our website has had some technical updates. We’ve also collected and delivered animals to and from homes to ensure we meet the guidelines.

Thanks to your donations, we’ve been able to maintain the same high level of animal welfare throughout the year and as far as the animals are concerned, they have no idea what’s going on in the human world.

Long may this continue!

We’ve also managed some very special adoptions this year.

For the cat lovers among you, among the 300+ cats adopted include several ones in their senior years, notably Peggy (17) & Olivia (20), plus five cats with FIV, one with epilepsy, several naughty ones and over 30 with ongoing medical needs.

Some of our longer-term dogs have been adopted by some very special people this year, including Buddy (Shepherd x), Bonio (Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Patch (Jack Russell), Marley (Presa Canario) and Alan (American Bulldog).

In addition to these dogs, several dogs with challenging behavioural needs have also found homes with equally special people.

These include Saxon (Ridgeback) and Arnie (Pug) – both of which we are continuing to provide ongoing behavioural support to. Two dogs with epilepsy have also found amazingly kind people to care for them. And a gorgeous dog called Ollie, who had cruciate leg surgery and wouldn’t stay still to recover due to behavioural issues, also found his perfect home and is doing brilliantly well.

We’ve also re-homed more rabbits this year than in 2019, most notably Blossom, who arrived in our care with acute medical needs and Santi, who has aggression issues.

Both have found very special and dedicated people to look after them. We’ve been really pleased to see so many educated and experienced rabbit adopters this year, who really understand how much care rabbits need and how much cost is involved in ensuring their welfare needs are met.

Due to your generosity, donations generated via our website now cover more of the costs of looking after our animals than ever before.

In fact, online donations cover almost 20% of the Sanctuary costs, which is truly amazing. Especially in these times, when our shops have been closed for over 4 months, this begins to address the shortfall in our income.

Although we still have a huge mountain to climb for the other 80%, we and our animals are ever so grateful!