A Year in the Life of Moff + Koop

When we first met Moff and Koop at OAS in February 2017 they were not finding life easy – they spent a lot of time hiding in their domes and were clearly stressed.

Although we knew straight away they were for us, we spent a few weeks making sure!

On 1st March 2017 we brought them home and they have now been with us for a year. They took their time to settle in and were clearly really nervous around us at first.

It was also a bit of a shock to discover that they don’t always like each other!

But over the year they have made themselves at home and come to trust us, coming for cuddles and no longer hiding away. Sometimes we forget they are 20 somethings!

We wouldn’t be without them and we would definitely recommend adopting older cats – it has been really rewarding to watch their progress.