Adoption Update – February 2022

17 animals found their forever homes in February.

This includes one very special bunny called Cinnabun.

She stole our hearts due to the trauma she has been through. She became very poorly following her routine spay and needed to see a specialist exotic vet to have a CT scan because her mobility was significantly restricted. She was diagnosed as having a post-op blood clot which caused long term damage. She needed round-the-clock care and a specially designed enclosure to help her move. However, she hasn’t let this stop her and she still manages to do most activities albeit in her unique way. We then had the pleasure of bonding Cinnabun with her new husbun and they have now gone home to start their new adventure together.

Mr Grey (cat) came into our care in early January with multiple war wounds and several nasty ticks. He received the care he desperately needed, and his wounds started to heal. This worried little man had lost his faith in humans and that’s where our wonderful team strives to help cats like Mr Grey trust again. Despite Mr Grey being FIV positive, we are pleased to say he has now gone off to his forever home.

Thanks to all our wonderful adopters for opening their homes and hearts to our special ones.