Adoption Update – June 2024

We hope you’ve enjoyed May with its two bank holidays and slightly warmer weather.

Firstly, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the OAS Fun Day. It was fantastic to see so many supporters, and your generosity has made a huge difference.

May was another exceptionally good month for rehoming, with 48 furry friends departing the Sanctuary for their forever homes.

Buddy, a 2-year-old Jack Russell, was the first to go home last month. The next day, Penny, a 5-year-old Chihuahua x Jack Russell, Hugo the Sprightly Springer Spaniel, and Sheldon the cat all found new homes on the same day—not together, of course!

The following day, Dora, a 1-year-old Saluki cross, went to live only a few miles away from the Sanctuary.

As the month went on, several other dogs found new families, including Nala, Lolly, and Poppy.

An assortment of rabbits also found their forever homes, including Leila & Dottie, Clover & Hoppity, and Matilda.

The cattery team has been as busy as ever, caring for another huge number of cats and kittens. No fewer than 33 went home, including Zedd, Nico, Lucy, Rover, Bentley & Royce, Maple & Marley, Mickey, Felix & Bear, Henry, Zeus, Raiya, Bill & Ben (only those over 50 will remember those names), Keller, Athena, wonderful Mum Mercedes, Maya, Lottie, Nala, Coco, and Kit & Waffle.

Facebook followers will know the story of the kitten called Lexus.

Since his life-saving surgery and a few weeks of recuperation at the vets and at the Sanctuary, he is now home, albeit still on cage rest, with his brother Mustang.

Little Lexus still has several more vet visits and further delicate treatment to undergo before he is free from his cage, but things are looking good so far. Thanks to all of you who donated towards his substantial vet care costs.

Once again, thank you all for your continued support and generosity. You make all the difference!