Nelson is a large black cat that came into our care summer 2016. If you like cats with attitude he could be the ideal cat for you!!

  • Male
  • Born 2009
  • Domestic Shorthair

Nelson’s Needs:

  • Cannot Live with Children (Under 12)
  • Cannot Live with Dogs
  • Cannot Live with Cats
  • Is House Trained
  • Is on a strict diet to get him to his ideal weight


About Nelson

Nelson can be a very loving cat however he has got slight attitude that will include scratching and biting he hates being picked up. Nelson will willingly come to you for attention and loves to follow you around. When he has had enough he will go off and do his own thing. He loves lazing around in the garden which is by far his favorite thing to do.

What Nelson Needs from his Forever Home

Nelson needs someone that understands he doesn’t want to be picked up and will allow him to come to them for attention. He needs an environment that doesn’t have many neighboring cats as this could be a potential problem. He will need to remain on his diet until he reaches his ideal weight.

Want to meet Nelson?

We’d love to introduce you to him!

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