Wilf was involved in an RTA, but thankfully, he was rushed to the vet and got the care he needed. Sadly, despite the best efforts of the vets to try and find whether he had owners, no one came forward for him.

He had a fractured pelvis and a fractured jaw. Both fractures are now healed but as he gets older he is likely to get arthritis in his pelvis. Hopefully, this will not be for some time.

Don’t let this put you off!! If anything it makes this handsome chap even more deserving of a forever home. Wilf is an adorable lad, although he may be a little nervous to start with, he’s very quick to take the opportunity of a free lap when given the chance.

  • Male
  • 1 year old
  • Domestic shorthair
  • Cannot live with children
  • Cannot live with other cats
  • Cannot live with a dog
  • Needs outdoor access



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