Angel is single and ready to mingle! She is a typically busy Collie, but is incredibly confident when in company of fellow canines (of the male variety), and is definitely happiest when in their company. She is looking for a home with several male dogs to keep her entertained.

  • Female
  • Born 2014
  • Welsh Collie

Angel’s Needs:

  • Can Live with Children 14+
  • Can Live with Several Male Dogs
  • Cannot Live with Cats
  • Experienced Owner Required
  • Exercise Required – 2/3 Hours a Day


About Angel

Angel is a gorgeous Collie who has had a bit of a difficult start to life and does have a few challenges because of this. However, she does have a gentle nature and fun personality.

Angel is one of our most social dogs here with our other canine residents. In fact, she is often leading the way on staff group walks, and is our ‘go to’ dog for helping to socialise others.

Although Angel is somewhat of a social butterfly around dogs, she can be a little reserved when meeting new people. However, once she knows you she is quick to form an attachment which is generally to one person.

Angel thrives off a consistent routine here, so actually copes extremely well in her kennel environment. We have been working on captivating her Collie brain, and teaching her several fun training games, and have just started trying her with a new sport called Tri-Ball.

Angel seemingly doesn’t cope in a home environment on her own. We have rehomed Angel twice previously and she has sadly been returned to us on both occasions. She has shown she can be destructive in the home, which could be a boredom thing so is going to need someone who has experience of this. She will need behavioural help in the home which we can direct you with.

What Angel Needs from her Forever Home

We feel Angel would benefit from living with several confident male only canine friends in the home to help build her own confidence. New owners with experience of training dogs with behavioural needs would be preferable. Because of her nervous nature, Angel is best suited to an adult only home, but could potentially live with sensible older teens.

New owners will be required to have a 1:1 session(s) with our behaviourist prior to adoption, and are likely to need behavioural support in the home.

Want to meet Angel?

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