• Male
  • 3 years old
  • French Bulldog

What’s Great About Bengie?

  • He’s incredibly handsome
  • He’s super friendly around people
  • He’s friendly around other dogs on walks
  • He can’t live with children

What Bengie Needs?

  • Owners prepared to deal with his deafness. He has had surgery on both ears and is almost totally deaf.
    This means he will need to learn a set routine without too many distractions in the home, at least initially.
  • Owners who have experience with resource guarding is essential.
  • To be the only pet in the home
  • A home that’s not looking for an energetic dog. He is happy with minimal walks daily and should not be over-exerted.
  • Owners who are financially secure enough to afford ongoing vet bills. He needs life long medication, common with the breed. This is for skin issues and pain relief which OAS will not pay for.



Want to meet Bengie?

We’d love to introduce you to him!