Big Joey

Joey is a loveable character. He enjoys lots of fuss and cuddles, and will do anything for a belly rub. When he’s not being pampered Joey is more than happy to entertain himself when he finds a toy he really likes.

  • Male
  • Born 2010
  • American Bulldog

Big Joey’ Needs:

  • Cannot Live with Children
  • Cannot Live with Dogs
  • Cannot Live with Cats
  • Is Trained
  • Is House Trained
  • Exercise Required – Short walks
  • Has Ongoing Medical Needs


About Big Joey

Joey can be a little unsure of new people so potential owners will need to spend plenty of time getting to know him here at OAS before adopting him. He can be stubborn at times but with a cheeky grin on his face, you can’t help but love him! Joey has arthritis in his hind legs so does require medication to keep his joints supple and pain free. He will need this medication for life. Don’t be fooled though, this lovable giant can still move like lightning when it comes to treats or the prospect of a belly rub! Joey loves his toys, particularly if it’s a new one he can investigate. You can watch him transform into a big lolloping puppy throwing it around the yard, he’ll entertain himself for ages.

What Big Joey Needs from his Forever Home

Joey ideally needs an owner with experience of large breed dogs, who can help build his confidence with people. He also needs to be the only pet in the home as he’s not particularly fond of other animals. Joey has been in kennels for quite a while now. New owners will need to be aware that the transition to home life may bring some challenges. It will be important not to rush Joey into situations he can’t cope with, but instead gently desensitise him to any things he finds worrying. Given time and positive training to build his confidence, he should start to settle in and appreciate his home comforts.

Want to meet Big Joey?

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