Digger is a nervous boy who can take a while to trust new people. He is a little unsure about life so is looking for an owner who will be dedicated to his training both pre and post adoption.


Born 2013

Irish Terrier

Digger’s Needs:

  • Cannot live with children
  • Cannot live with Cats
  • Cannot live with Dogs
  • House Trained
  • Exercise Required – 1 – 2 hours a day
  • Needs some Training


About Digger

Digger is a very loving dog once he knows you, however he does struggle to trust people. Potential adopters will need to spend several visits getting to know Digger, and will be required to attend sessions with our behaviourist prior to adoption, as well as being prepared to have training sessions in the home after adoption.

Digger is a bright boy, and does enjoy his training sessions. The team have been working on building his trust and confidence when being handled, as he is very anxious when being touched (unless it’s a good bum scratch!).

Digger does enjoy play time, and loves to chase his toys and have a crazy 5 mins charging around like a puppy. He does like his walks, but finds some things in the outside world a bit worrying so needs a lot of reassurance from his handler when out and about.


What Digger Needs from his Forever Home

We feel Digger will be suited to a quiet adult only home where he is the only pet. He will require owners who are dedicated to his training, and are willing to put the time in to get to know him, and to work at his pace. It will take time for Digger to adapt to a new home and owners, but he will make a fantastic companion once he knows and trusts you.

Want to meet Digger ?

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