Ginger is a lovable lady with so much personality. She is looking for a new owner who will provide all the fuss, love and tennis balls she deserves.


Born 2009

Labrador x Ridgeback

Ginger’s Needs:

  • Cannot Live with Children
  • Cannot live with other dogs
  • Cannot Live with Cats
  • Is House Trained
  • Exercise Required – 1- 1 1/2 hours a day


About Ginger

Ginger came into our care as her owner was unable to look after her any more. She was incredibly overweight when she arrived, and has been on a strict diet to get her down to a healthy weight. New owners will need to continue this diet in the home as she still has a few kilos to lose.

Thankfully, she loves her walks and having a good play in our exercise area, which is helping hugely with her weight loss; and the more weight she loses the more fun she seems to be having. She will make a lovely walking companion, but her exercise will have to be monitored and slowly increased over time to help protect her joints.

Ginger likes all the attention to be on her, and isn’t overly fond of other dogs, so will need to be the only pet in the home.


What Ginger Needs from her Forever Home

Ginger is looking for a home where she can have plenty of space to relax and play. She would like a reasonably active owner who is going to stick to her exercise and weight loss programme.

Ginger can be a little wary of strangers on first meeting, but is easy to win over, especially if you have a tennis ball! It would be beneficial for potential adopters to meet Ginger on a few occasions to help build a bond before going home.

She must go as an only pet in the home as she would like all the attention to be on her.

Want to meet Ginger?

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