Smiley Lillie is a sweet girl with people and will be a fantastic addition to a home; she has so much love to give and is just so happy to please.

  • Female
  • Born 2007
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier-X

Lillie’ Needs:

  • Can Live with Children (10+)
  • Cannot Live with Dogs
  • Cannot Live with Cats
  • Is Trained
  • Is House Trained
  • Exercise Required – 2 Hours a Day
  • Has Ongoing Medical Needs


About Lillie

Lillie’s absolute favourite thing to do is run! We feel she would make an ideal running companion for an active owner However, she would need to be kept on the lead in public areas as she is unpredictable with other dogs around. She is always happy to see people. Don’t let her age put you off, this girl still has bundles of life and energy; she would play all day if you let her. Lillie does have skin sensitivities, more so in the summer when the pollen count is high; however, this is managed with daily piriton tablets. Lillie is just looking for somewhere new to call home so she can snuggle up in her bed and enjoy all her homely comforts.

What Lillie needs from her Forever Home

Lillie would be best suited to a child free home as she can be boisterous at times. She cannot live with any other pets and must be kept on lead at all times in public areas due to her behaviour with other dogs. Why not come and meet Lillie and take her for a walk. She’ll show you the way!

Want to meet Lillie?

We’d love to introduce you to her!

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