Little Joey

  • Male
  • 15 Years Old
  • Terrier

What’s Great About Little Joey?

Joey has been with us some time now so is also one of our sponsor dogs, due to him needing a really understanding owner. We would love to be able to find a retirement home for him to spend the rest of his days relaxing with home comforts.

  • Very laid back
  • Enjoys his walks
  • Loves to sun bathe!
  • Typical cheeky Terrier
  • Forms a close bond once he trusts you

What Little Joey Needs

  • An adult only home
  • Quiet home with few visitors
  • Lifelong medication to maintain lung health.
  • A home with no other pets or children either living in the home or visiting
  • A comfy armchair to snooze in




Want to meet Little-Joey?

We’d love to introduce you to him!