Miku is a very playful dog and enjoys running around the exercise area and going out for long walks. She loves playing with her toys and enjoys treats and bones; she likes to keep a selection of toys in her kennel and happily entertains herself!

  • Female
  • Born 2014
  • American Akita

Kita’ Needs:

  • Cannot Live with Children
  • Cannot Live with Dogs
  • Cannot Live with Cats
  • Needs Some Training
  • Is House Trained
  • Exercise Required – 2/3 Hours a Day
  • Quiet Home Preferred
  • Experienced Owner Required


About Miku

Miku has a very endearing personality and lots of energy! She is worried by lots of handling, but enjoys a gentle fuss on her own terms. Once you get to know Miku and have earned her trust, she enjoys being brushed which is a part of her grooming routine to keep her coat neat and tidy. Miku is a naturally highly strung dog, very typical of her breed. She does not like other dogs and can be reactive towards them. She has recently started behavioural training with us. This training will need to continue in the new home to allow her to thrive into a confident and well-mannered dog. She has the potential to make a very loving and loyal companion to the right owner.

What Miku Needs from her Forever Home

Miku needs to live in an adult only environment with no other pets. We are looking for a potential adopter who is experienced with the breed and knows the typical American Akita traits and how to manage them in the home and environment. Potential adopters will need to be prepared to visit her regularly at the Sanctuary in order to get to know her well before adopting her.

Want to meet MIKU?

We’d love to introduce you to her!

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