When Murphy arrived it was apparent that he had not been socialised very well with people and other animals. Murphy has become affectionate towards the people who care for him daily and enjoys having a good cuddle with the people he knows well enough.

  • Male
  • Born 2011
  • Terrier-X

Murphy’ Needs:

  • Cannot Live with Children
  • Cannot Live with Dogs
  • Cannot Live with Cats
  • Needs Some Training
  • Is House Trained
  • Exercise Required – 1/2 Hours a Day
  • Quiet Home Preferred


About Murphy

Murphy, more widely known as ‘Smurfs’, shows much more affection towards women and really enjoys going for walks with them. Unfortunately, Murphy still has fears towards men and can show his fear through aggression. Because of this Murphy would be best suited to a home where there are minimal or no visitors to the home. He really enjoys his treats which has been helpful during his training sessions with his main carer. He is proving to be very responsive with his training, so this will need to be continued in the home. Murphy has been learning to be more sociable with other dogs and is coming on leaps and bounds in comparison to the dog he was when he arrived. We feel it may be possible after some more training for Murphy to live with a small breed female dog, but introductions would need to be slow and controlled here at OAS prior to adoption. Murphy is particularly fond of a tennis ball, and thoroughly enjoys having a good run around in our exercise area, providing he gets to have a little rest and a fuss afterwards! With the right owners, Murphy will make a fantastic companion, he just needs that second chance.

What Murphy Needs from his Forever Home

Murphy needs to live in an adult only and cat free home. Potential adopters would have to visit him regularly here to get to know him before we can allow the adoption to take place. Adopters will need to be willing to give Murphy the time and space to settle into home life and new situations at his own pace so he isn’t rushed or overwhelmed.

Want to meet Murphy?

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