Ollie is a typical lovable Staffy who unfortunately arrived in our care quite broken. Poor Ollie suffers terribly with anxiety and stress; and over years without being helped he has learnt that constant movement helps him to feel better. Repeated behaviours like this sadly become a learnt behaviour, so the team have been working tirelessly to teach Ollie alternative calmer ways to make himself feel better more efficiently.

Having made a little headway with getting Ollie to calm slightly, he managed to rupture his cruciate ligament just by laying down at a funny angle! This setback has meant that Ollie has had to be on very strict kennel rest and gradual exercise, which for a dog who struggles to sit still has been very hard for both him and the team to manage.

Several weeks down the line, we are now at a point where Ollie is starting to build up his exercise, and has been attending weekly hydrotherapy sessions which he thoroughly enjoys. He has improved tremendously with help from the team, and is so much better at self settling and enjoying moments of calm, just laying down and settling with a chew. The road to recovery, both mentally and physically is still long, but we hope that there is someone out there who can give Ollie the dedication, love and patience that he deserves. He needs his next home to be his complete forever home, as a return to kennels would completely break him. We are happy to provide as much support as possible adjusting Ollie to a new home, and continuing his training in the home.

  • Male
  • 7 Years Old
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

What’s Great About Ollie?

  • He is very friendly
  • He enjoys learning
  • Loves being with people
  • He will make a great companion
  • Lovely natured

What Ollie Needs

  • Someone to dedicate plenty of time to helping his anxiety
  • Someone who is able to continue his physical recovery
  • A very quiet home, where he can learn to settle
  • An owner who is home for a portion of the day
  • Plenty of mental stimulation
  • An adult only home with no other pets
  • Someone to love him



Want to meet Ollie?

We’d love to introduce you to him!