Domino & Truffles

Domino and Truffles came into our care due to a change of circumstances, which meant their owners were no longer able to care for them.

  • Females
  • Both Were Born in 2016 – 1 year old
  • Crossbreed

Domino  &  Truffle's Needs:

  • Can Live with Children 8+
  • Can Live with Rabbit Friendly Cats
  • Can Live with Rabbit Friendly Dogs
  • Can Be Bonded with a Neutered Male
  • Living Requirements must meet RWAF Standard

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About Domino  &  Truffles

Domino and Truffles are just adorable they love each other so much. These sisters love to be near each other all the time, you will often find them sitting together grooming each other.

What they need from their Forever Home

Domino and Truffles need a living space that meets the RWAF requirements, we would recommend a large running space as well as rabbits love to be active.

They can live with children but we recommend ground level interaction only as most rabbits don’t like being picked up. They will need plenty of toys to keep them busy.

Want to meet THEM?

We’d love to introduce you to them!

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