Fluffy came into our care due to her owner becoming unwell and unable to care for her. She is a head-strong young rabbit looking for a husband and new understanding owner to give her plenty of space to run around in.

  • Female
  • 2 Years Old
  • Giant Continental

Fluffy’s Needs:

  • Looking for a Male Rabbit Companion
  • Can Live with Children 12+
  • Can Live with Rabbit Friendly Cats
  • Can Live with Rabbit Friendly Dogs
  • Living Requirements must meet RWAF Standard

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About Fluffy

Fluffy is a lot bigger than the average rabbit! She loves to graze in her large enclosure here at the Sanctuary and you will often find her lounging in the sunshine.

What Fluffy needs from her Forever Home

Fluffy will need an environment that meets the RWAF standards to allow her the exercise she needs to be happy and healthy. We recommend anyone with interest does their research on this breed as they do require a lot more than the average sized rabbit.

Fluffy is long haired so will require regular grooming, which she isn’t very fond of, but hopefully this will improve over time. Fluffy would like to be paired up with a male rabbit for company.

She can live with older children but due to the size of these rabbits, as well as rabbits in general, they don’t like being picked up, so we recommend ground level contact only.

Want to meet Fluffy?

We’d love to introduce you to her!

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