Narla is an adorable little lady who needs an indoor home and experienced bunny lover to take care of her.

She has an upper respiratory tract condition called Pasteurella, which can cause nasal or sinus infections, ear or eye infections, and other medical issues. It is also contagious.

It doesn’t currently require ongoing medication but she is likely to have occasional flare-ups that will require veterinary care.

Ideally, she would be paired with another neutered male, but this could only work if he also has the same condition, as it is contagious to other rabbits. However, the bonding process may cause either rabbit to have flare-ups, so this has it’s risks. She could otherwise live as a single rabbit, if the owner is able to provide the right level of care and enrichment she needs.

For information about indoor housing for bunnies, click this link

And for information about snuffles (associated with Pasteurella), please click on this link to RAWF website.

  • Female
  • 5 years old
  • Lionhead
  • She is neutered
  • She is fully vaccinated including RHD2
  • Indoor home only



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