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Bouncer is a wonderfully happy 13-year- old Collie Labrador cross.

He has been at the Sanctuary as a permanent resident for the last 12 years, where he is adored by his fan club of volunteers and where he has been very well cared for by our staff all his adult life.

Unfortunately, Bouncer can’t be adopted into a home as he had a very bad start in life.

He was cruelly abused as a puppy. His owners kept him outside at all times, in all weather. He didn’t receive the love he needed, so didn’t manage to develop the trusting bond with humans that is essential for a normal pet’s life. He was suffering….until he came to the Sanctuary!



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Due to such horrific mistreatment, Bouncer gets very scared by people he doesn’t know. Fortunately, he’s managed to bond with our team and a select few volunteers here and enjoys his walks and playtime with them. We thank them for the love they show our dear little cuddly bear!

By sponsoring Bouncer, your generosity will enable us to continue to take care of him. Your kind donation goes towards his veterinary care, toys (he has a fine collection), grooming, trips to the swimming pool and everything he needs to be comfortable here and to live a life as close to a normal pet’s as possible.

We desperately need sponsors like you so that the Sanctuary can be the safe, secure and happy place where dogs like Bouncer can live a fulfilling life.

Your sponsorship helps Bouncer be treated with the love and respect he desperately needs and deserves.

What do you get when you sponsor?

You will receive a Desk Card showing a photo of your sponsor animal, OAS goodies (e.g. key ring, wristband, car sticker or other items depending on stock availability) and email updates about your chosen animal. See picture opposite.

Sponsoring can also be a great gift for a loved one who adores animals.

Please sponsor one of our animals so we can continue to take care of the vulnerable animals like Bouncer.

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