Little Joey

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Hi, I’m Joey.

I’m a bit wary of new people, and it takes me a long time to trust anyone.

I have been at OAS a number of years now so have built up a lovely bond with my carers.

  • Male
  • Born 2005 – 13 years old
  • Jack Russell Terrier

Can you visit me?

    I am cautious around strangers so I’m sorry but I don’t feel comfortable with visitors.

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About Joey

I am at my happiest when the weather is good and my carer puts a comfy blanket half in the shade and half in the sun so I can relax. I also enjoy gentle strolls around the rural area, and upon returning to my kennel settling down with a tasty chewie. I may be a sensitive chap, but once you have my trust I am actually very sweet and affectionate. I don’t like a lot of sudden change which is why I am comfortable with kennel life and my familiar routine.

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