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Greetings to you all, I am the rather wonderful Mia! I am a little bit of a Princess around here and my carers do love me very much; but how could you not with my lovely looks.

  • Female
  • Born 2004
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

Can you visit me?

    You can visit me at OAS, but please make an appointment, as I may be busy sleeping.

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About Mia

I am completely deaf, so my carers must communicate with me via sign language. I’m actually very good at understanding them, although it’s sometimes-great fun to be a little bit stubborn!

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is to sleep. I LOVE my bed, the more duvets the better. I’m also a bit of a sun worshipper, and if the sun isn’t shining I’d rather be in bed!

When the sun is shining, you will more than likely find me wallowing in my own personal paddling pool; it’s like being at the spa!

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