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Toggy, is of the Toggenberg breed and is 12 years old. He’s a large chap and although he can be cheeky with Snowey and Cosmo, he has an extremely affectionate side and loves human company.

Did you know:

  • Goats are browsers not grazers like sheep. This means they enjoy munching on shrubs, bushes and foliage off trees instead of grass.
  • Goats are ruminants, with four stomach chambers. The most important of these is the rumen, which acts as a large fermentation vat to break down plant roughage.
  • Goats have rectangular pupils that allow them to have much wider peripheral vision.

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About Toggy

Toggy is the leader of the goat gang and has been at the sanctuary since 2009. He lives with fellow goats Snowey and Cosmo, who have been here since 2015. The three boys love the willow tree in the goat yard, and rush over to gobble it up when offered some by one of their caregivers.

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