Bonnie & Clyde back on the streets

Bonnie and Clyde were adopted earlier this year, and like most cats, were tentative about their new surroundings. Even after their settling in period, they didn’t want to venture outside. They didn’t like the doorbell or the door! Their owners have been amazing and gave them all the time they needed, until they were confident enough to decide for themselves. We received the following update from them this week.


I know it’s been a long while now since we took Bonnie and Clyde home, but I just wanted to let you know that they are both very happy and settled and enjoying the nice Spring weather. Bonnie is very relaxed now about everything. Clyde still doesn’t like the doorbell, but is a lot more settled than he was 4 or 5 months ago, and doesn’t bat an eyelid at the doors or the garden gate opening , which is great progress. Both cats stay in the garden, which seems to be enough for them, although Bonnie does like to sit on the bedroom window and look out beyond the garden walls.

They have brought us all huge happiness, me especially, as I am the biggest cat lover in the house. They are both playful, but gentle, cuddly and full of character. The whole family adores them. I’m sending a couple of photos for you to see them enjoying the great outdoors…..I did wonder if they would ever be brave enough to set paw outside at one time!

This just goes to show that a lot of love and plenty of patience means has such a positive impact on the welfare and happiness of rescued animals.
Thanks to Emma and her family for being such dedicated owners.