Bridget goes to school

Bridget, one of our former residents, has been trained as a Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog and went to her local school this week.

Below is the school’s report:

“The children are enjoying watching the fish in their tank in the library, but this was nothing compared to their excitement meeting Bridget, the PAT dog, on Monday.

I believe her walks are taking longer now as the children are going up to say hello if they see her out and about.

We talked about the fact that big dogs can be frightening because they look fierce or scary, but that Bridget had been assessed and is very friendly. She then completely spontaneously lay on her back with her feet in the air and dozed off!

However, I did take the opportunity to remind them not to approach unknown dogs unless they were given permission by their parent as they wouldn’t know if the dog was friendly”.

Thanks very much to adopters Paul and his wife for taking such good care of Bridget and for giving her an amazing life.

Thanks also to all our donors for their unbelievable support which enables dogs like Bridget to have a second chance in life.

Looking at the picture, we reckon she had double maths as her 1st lesson!