Bronson Settles In

Here’s an update from Bronson’s new family (written by Esme, aged 10)

Bronson is just 3 months into his forever home but is already settled in to his own routine.
He enjoys cuddles and sitting with his daddy on the sofa when he’s inside and when he’s active outside he loves to run laps of the garden , play with his pink frisbee and rolling on the rest of his toys. In the mornings we all enjoy getting a waggy wakeup call including snuggles on the bed.
Bronson enjoys his walks especially round the fields because he can roam free. He doesn’t run off too far because he just likes to be around us. He likes to explore new sniffs especially when the ponies trot past. Bronson is still wary of other dogs so he walks with a muzzle on but looks very handsome either way.
After a busy day he takes himself off to bed, but he snores so loud he wakes himself up.
He is doing a brilliant job settling into his new home and is all that we could’ve ever asked for.