Buster the Spaniel’s 14th Birthday

Our supporters will remember Buster. His adventures continue and below is an update from his owner.

Here’s a link to his backstory.


We had Buster’s one year anniversary with us on the first of September, and then his big (14th!) birthday on October the 11th. His party was better attended than any of mine have ever been (pic of him enjoying the crowd in front of his gold “Let’s Pawty” balloons!)!

He is doing so well, still on two good walks a day (still barking and jumping around the garden every time the lead comes out) and woofing down his dinners. He has also done his pet therapy around the Oxford Uni colleges, and in a special needs primary school weekly last term- of course adored by all. Such an affectionate, well behaved dog!

I have attached pics of his outings, you will see he has amassed quite the bow tie collection.

His only real signs of ageing have been a bit of a funny waddle (which of course makes him more endearing to everyone he meets), deafness (so we can get the hoover out while he sleeps- there are pros) and night time incontinence- a problem we have solved with some very stylish tartan nappies!

Again, thank you all so much for everything you all have done for him. We couldn’t imagine life without him now- and could never have thought he would be this active and happy over a year on!

As always, huge thanks to Buster’s amazing owners for giving him a wonderful life.