Cat Adoption Questionnaire

Cat Adoption Questionnaire

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-adoption enquiry questionnaire and does not guarantee you an adoption nor a reservation of the animal you are interested in. It should be completed by the main carer, who must be over 18 years old.

Please do not write 'cat or kitten' in this section and only apply for animals that are shown on the website. We do not operate a waiting list.

About You

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About Your Home

If you rent, please send us landlord's permission stating that you are allowed pets at the property to

Your Home Environment

Please state all adults and children and the children's ages
Please state all child visit frequencies and the children's ages
Please state morning, afternoon and how often they are left alone. Help us understand your schedule.
Do you own other cats?
Do you have a cat flap?

Your Animal Preferences

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This is a very important agreement. On adoption of a kitten, you will be provided with a neutering certificate, so must ensure this is done or we have the authority to reclaim the pet.

Important points to consider

Cats are often seen as disposable items, ending up homeless when humans tire of them. In the UK, one unwanted cat is destroyed every hour. Adopting a cat is a commitment that could potentially last the next 15 years of your life. Are you prepared for this? Listed below are the most common reasons people give up their cats. Please read through each reason and give your views on each statement:

By submitting your adoption application, you are agreeing to our disclaimer and terms and conditions detailed here.