Chloe & Scarlett – 1 year on

We received this lovely update today, from Kerry, who adopted Chloe & Scarlett one year ago.

To Linsey and all at OAS,

So today marks our one year anniversary of being together. And what a year it has been.

The girls are so happy, as am I, and we have reached such milestones.

The girls were quickly trained off lead and like nothing more than to dive in and out of the woods and just love the feel of grass on their bellies. We walk every morning for at least an hour and have after dinner walks.

We have had two spays (at different times) and one head lump removal which were tough to get through but we came out the other end smiling. We are lucky that one of our best friends is a vet nurse and we now belong to her surgery so we get loads of love when we visit.

Chloe just loves to play with her ball and in fact I am slave to it! She follows me around and drops it at my feet constantly. Scarlett loves her ball too and loves to play catch.

Chloe quickly decided that I move around to much at night so sleeps and snores (very loudly) at the foot of the bed in her bed and joins me and Scarlett (who at this moment is snoring next to me) for morning cuddles and breakfast excitement.

The girls are not fussed for other dogs but we have worked hard to be able to walk past them happily and even have a sniff.

We all spent Christmas together with our friend Holly and our doggie friend jak that the girls let into their home, they are happy to do this as long as they know he is going home!

We have had caravan holidays and walks on the beach and we can even have dinner in the pub!

The girls just love to be outside laying in the sun and and have very funky bandanas to keep them cool. I have attached a couple of photos for you.

We have breakfast, walk, play, have treats and snuggle every day. We are truly blessed.

Thanks to you all for bringing us together. We are the happiest family ever!

Lots of love Chloe, Scarlett and Kerry 🐾💕