Coronavirus Announcement – January 2021

Update: 15th January 2021

We remain closed to visitors until further notice.

To register your interest in one of our animals, please see here and use the green ‘Apply Now’ button to complete our online form

For dogs; we are unable to arrange appointments to meet the dogs at this time. Once we have received suitable applications and can arrange meetings again we will be in touch as per the government guidelines.

For cats and rabbits; we cannot allow visitors onto the site, so when you complete the online form, we will explain the process via email.

Cat and rabbit socialising: we’re sorry but we’re still unable to take bookings – we’ll update the website when we’re able to start again

Dog walking: all dogs are being walked by staff so there’s no urgency in this regard. When we start dog walking again, we won’t be taking on new volunteers – we’re lucky enough to have lots of lovely dog walkers.

Bedding and Other Donations:

The Sanctuary stopped taking in all forms of bedding at the start of the latest national lockdown on January 5th.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have so much donated over the past few months, we have filled all available storage spaces and will have enough for the foreseeable future.

We also invested in a washing machine earlier this year so now re-use more than ever so we don’t need as much as we used to.

Please consider donating the bedding to another charity that is in more urgent need.

It’s also not considered to be an essential journey, so we wouldn’t advise travelling to drop off items at the moment.


We are strictly prohibiting all visitors during this national lockdown.

Staff Welfare:

The Sanctuary is committed to keeping our staff safe and healthy to enable our awesome level of animal care to continue. We have amended staff timetables, rotas to minimise risk and internal procedures to ensure they are protected when on-site.

Please check this page for further updates.