Dog Adoption Questionnaire

Before completing this form, please ask yourself honestly if you are in a position to give a rescue dog a space in your life.

Rescue dogs often come with baggage and will need some time and patience to settle in and begin to trust again.

Please remember that many rescue dogs will have little or no history with them and their past lives may have been abusive or neglectful.

Are you prepared for the change to your daily routine and lifestyle?

Will you continue the training that our staff have begun and stick to it?

Dog Adoption Questionnaire

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-adoption enquiry questionnaire and does not guarantee you an adoption nor a reservation of the animal you are interested in. It should be completed by the main carer, who must be over 18 years old. YOU MUST upload photos or a video of your garden to complete this application. If you live in a rented property, please only complete this form if you are able to attach written permission from your landlord, that you are allowed a pet in the property.

Please do not write 'dog' in this section and only apply for dogs that are shown on the website. We do not operate a waiting list.

About You

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Acceptable forms of ID include; driving licence, passport or utility bill dated within the past 2 months. Only one of these is required but must bear the name and address of the adopter (i.e. where the animal will be living). Your ID need only be shown to an OAS official but will NOT be copied or kept on any of our systems.
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Please note that this does cover starts one week after the adoption date.
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Your Home Environment

Please state all adults and children and the children's ages
Please state all child visit frequencies and the children's ages
Please state morning, afternoon and how often they are left alone. Help us understand your schedule.
If being left for more than 4 hours, is someone else able to let them out? *
Please state weekday and weekend exercise hours.
1 meaning not very, 5 meaning very active

Your Animal Preferences

PLEASE check that you have read about the needs of the dog on their web page before applying. In particular, if they can be around children or other pets.
Anyone under 16 is classed as a child
Please check the dogs bio. If it says the dog must be the only pet in the home, do not tick 'Important'.
The vast majority of our dogs are house trained
Tick all that apply
Tick all that apply
Tick all that apply

Important points to consider

Dogs are often seen as disposable items, ending up homeless when humans tire of them. In the UK, one unwanted dog is destroyed every hour. Adopting a dog is a commitment that could potentially last the next 15 years of your life. Are you prepared for this? Listed below are the most common reasons people give up their dogs. Please read through each reason and give your views on each statement:

Maximum file size: 10MB

Please ensure you show us all areas around the garden perimeter and fencing so we can see it's fully secure.

By submitting your adoption application, you are agreeing to our disclaimer and terms and conditions detailed here.