Many of our supporters will remember beautiful Bridget.

She was adopted by Paul in November 2014 having been at the Sanctuary for a year and one day.

Paul is the caretaker/site manager at Aston Clinton primary school and during his spare time, Bridget was trained as a PAT dog (Pets As Therapy)

She spent many a year showing love and tail wagging gentleness to everyone she met. It was Paul’s mission to show that big dogs aren’t scary. He certainly achieved this and much, much more. OAS went to see Bridget at the school a few months ago because they had raised a staggering £1200 for OAS.

Sadly, Bridget passed away recently and it has left a huge hole in the lives of Paul and his family but also everyone at the school.

Bridget made everyone smile and helped to change the perception of many of the school children.

Initially, she came into the school so that the children could read to her.  Her manner soon made them laugh as she would roll on her back, cross her paws and intently listen to them.  Children who were initially scared of her soon learnt to relax and as a result, they learnt that things are not always as you perceive them.   She quickly became the most popular member of the school and staff would call for her when a child was distressed.   She became the star of the show in whole school photos. She even sang with the school choir in Aylesbury and gave barks of encouragement when the children were about to sit exams.  Bridget was there to welcome back the children after lockdown and ensure that nerves were calmed.

Bridget became so good at bringing smiles, that after 7 years the PAT charity asked Bridget to represent them at Crufts. The dog that no one had wanted, the dog with a big heart.

Thanks to Paul, his partner and the school for giving her such a wonderful life. She touched so many hearts and is deeply missed.