Gaston – adoption update

Gaston was adopted in July last year and we’ve just had this lovely update from his amazing adopters.

“Just a quick update to let you know Gaston is still well and happy, plus we are starting to feel more like seasoned dog parents (still learning!)

We adore our boy and are constantly grateful for all you did for him. Friends and neighbours are bowled over by his excellent training and responsiveness. He is such a gentle, sensitive little chap and it still makes me smile when his manly bark slightly surprises the odd delivery driver or stranger, though as you know it’s rare for him to bark.

He loves being with us and we are thrilled to have worked out a way to ensure he is always with myself or Jerome during our work days, especially as it’s a kind of luxury that many people might not be able to do, we realise.

We would love to bring him in to see you one day, hopefully we can arrange it sometime as the weather gets warmer”.

Love Tiff, Jerome and Gaston X