Geo (the lovable buffoon)

Geo (previous name George), described by his main carer as a “lovable buffoon” was re-homed last year. His owners sent us a lovely update recently and we’re delighted to see how well he’s doing. Geo came to us because his former owners were struggling to cope with his behaviour. Thanks to his new owners and our behaviourist, Geo has had several training sessions and is now progressing well. Thanks very much to Active Paws and his new owners for putting in so much effort with his training. Without this, he wouldn’t be as happy as he is now.

Update from his new family below.

Hello OAS

We adopted Geo from you almost seven months ago now and thought you might like to see how hes getting on.
It’s fair to say Geo made himself at home pretty quickly and is a very pampered pooch! As you can see from some of the photos his favourite thing to do is cuddle up on the sofa and sleep. Too be honest he’s actually very lazy. If he could get away with it he would stay there all day! Winter is not really Geo’s bag, he is a bit scared of the dark (as you know he’s not the bravest) so he will be happy to see the summer again so he can sunbathe on the decking!
He is making a lot of friends out on his walks though and has many admirers. He gets told how handsome he is constantly!
Slowly but surely Geo is getting more comfortable with other people too, he is now happy to be with all of our immediate family and often goes on “playdates” with my mums black labrador, who he adores.
We kept up with Geo’s training too and he now walks nicely on the lead, stands still to have his paws wiped, walks into unknown places with us without freezing and actually waits patiently to have his collar put on. He is such a happy dog and we are very proud of him. He even got to experience heavy snow for the first time last year, which he didn’t think much of, as its too similar to rain, which he still hates!!
We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in helping us adopt Geo, we couldn’t imagine life without him now.