Leaving a Gift in Your Will

“The only thing you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind.” – John Allston

If like us, you believe that every animal deserves the best possible opportunity at living a fulfilling life then a gift in your Will means you can always be there, helping Oxfordshire’s mistreated, scared, abandoned and most vulnerable animals and for those pets whose owners can no longer care for them.

In 1967, we were founded as an inclusive place where any animal was welcome, a Sanctuary in the truest sense. Since then we’ve made it our mission to receive, rehabilitate and rehome over 25,000 animals.

We work tirelessly to find forever families for desperate animals, but sometimes where this isn’t possible – our dedicated team offer those animals as close to a pet’s life as possible.

By deciding to remember us in your Will, you’ll help us be there to care for and defend animals in need.

You’ll help create a future that’s kinder to all animals and help us find more families to love our furry friends…
(Charity no: 254642)

Leaving Your Legacy.

Why should I consider leaving a gift to The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary?

If you’re an animal lover like us, then you’ll already feel deeply obliged to care for and give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

It’s this promise to animals that we’ve worked hard to keep over the last 50 years – and one that many people have helped us to deliver, by remembering us in their Will.

A gift in your Will can really make a difference to a small charity like the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary.

Your gift directly helps provide for our animals on a day to day basis, providing essentials like food and shelter.

It helps our staff provide the best care for the animals looking for their forever families and  helping our mistreated resident animals find the peace and love they deserve against the backdrop of an often traumatic past.

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Your Gift.
Our Future.

Legacy gifts are our most important way of raising funds to care for our animals.

In fact, we rely on gifts in Wills to fund up to 70% of our work each year.

This makes gifts in Wills essential to our survival. Without them, Oxfordshire’s most vulnerable animals would have nowhere to go and no one to care for them.

When you leave a gift to the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, you can be assured that we use every penny wisely – 90% of our staff are animal carers.

We don’t have huge administration overheads, we don’t employ fundraising teams and we only invest in food, medicines and enrichment items that directly benefit our animals based on the latest behavioural science.

Making a Difference.

You can help us keep our promise…

Without your kindness, our promise to care for the most vulnerable animals would not be possible.

By including us in your Will you are helping us strive to create a better world for our animals and find adoptive forever families for them.

If you leave us a gift in your Will, your generosity will be appreciated immediately and your impact will be remembered for generations to come.

Legacy gifts allow the Sanctuary to thrive and invest in larger projects for the longer-term benefit of all the animals in our care.

Your gift can help remove the stressful and severe difficulties we’ve experienced over the last 50 years and help us focus on the future.

Types of Gifts

What gifts can I leave to the Sanctuary?

There are many different ways you can give a gift to the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary in your Will.

It is best that you discuss these options with your chosen solicitor to understand the options in detail and to assess which is the best choice for you, your other beneficiaries and the charity.

We’ve outlined the three most popular ways people give to the Sanctuary in their Will.

These are called residuary, pecuniary and specific gifts.



This is a share of your estate.

This type of gift is the most beneficial to the Sanctuary as it is a percentage of your estate rather than a fixed amount.

This means it retains its value.



A pecuniary gift is generally the simplest form of legacy.

It allows you to leave a specific sum of money.

The gift can be a defined figure that does not change with time or you may instruct your trustees to take account of the impact of inflation.



This is where you give the Sanctuary a particular item.

This could be a piece of jewellery, stocks and shares or a property.

How would my gift be used?

We understand that it is important that any gift in your Will is spent in direct accordance with your wishes.

It is essential to us that your wish truly reflects your values and those things that you cared for most throughout your life.


Your Choice of Animals

Whether you are a lifelong canine companion or fond of feline furry friends, we can ensure that your gift is spent in accordance with your animal preference.

We are more than happy to allocate spending to either cats, dogs or rabbits in accordance with your wish.


Survive & Thrive

If you require your legacy to be allocated to food, shelter and medicines then we’d greatly appreciate
this. We rehome over 500 animals a year and have to feed, shelter and vaccinate all of them.

We can also directly invest your gift into behavioural training or enrichment programs that help our residents thrive and our potential adoptive pets find homes more quickly.


Capital Investment

If you would like your gift to be invested in capital assets, such as a new kennel block, cattery improvements, training area or assets to help the Sanctuary care better for our animals then we
will ensure your wishes are obliged.

This helps us protect the future of the most vulnerable animals
by ensuring they will always have a safe haven at the Sanctuary.

Next Steps…

Making or amending a Will raises many important questions. We understand you will want to think about these in your own time, on your own terms and with your family and loved ones in mind.

We are here to guide you through the process step-by-step, so you can continue to protect vulnerable animals, even after you are gone.

Writing a Will may seem like a difficult or complex task, but it need not be. With the right professional help, it can be made into a simple, reassuring and empathic process and one that is a weight off your mind.

There are numerous other considerations such as inheritance tax, but be assured that gifts to charities are 100% tax-free and taken from your estate before tax is calculated.

If you would like to know more about the Sanctuary and our future plans we would be incredibly happy to show you.

Our team would also love to give you a tour of our Sanctuary, demonstrating how we work and this would also give you an opportunity to meet some of the beautiful animals we rescue and rehome 365 days a year!

Thank you for considering a gift in your Will to the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary.

To find out more about giving in your will, please telephone our honorary legacy officer on 01235 533604 or email legacy@oascharity.org.uk

Make a Will for FREE…

We’ve partnered with freewills.co.uk to offer completely, 100% Free Wills, checked and approved by a solicitor

  • Easy to complete
  • Will available instantly
  • Update anytime for free
  • No hidden costs
  • Completely 100% free
  • Straightforward questions
  • No legal jargon
  • Step by step guidance