Gizmo – From Stubborn to Softy!

Myself and my husband Peter adopted Gizmo (Gizzy) two years ago this week, and I wanted to send you an update!

Giz was a suspicious and stubborn chap when we first brought him home, and can still be wary of men he doesn’t know. What soon became apparent though is that he’s a massive softy, and loves nothing more than a belly rub 😊

He’s huge fun to have around, and loves to play with his favourite knot ball and go on long rambly walks.

Giz was the best addition to our little family, we feel very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to find him!

Here are some photos so you can see how he’s getting on – while he’s learned to love the grooming lady, we still can’t resist his ridiculous fluffy toes…