Happy 4th Gotcha Day for Sadie

Today marks the 4th anniversary of Sadie going to her new home.

We received the following message from Katrin, her amazing owner.

“As we’re celebrating Sadie’s 4th gotcha day, I just wanted to send a message and share some pictures of how Sadie is getting on in her new home.

She really has taken the move to Scotland in her stride and is really loving the sand and the sea, the open fields (especially when there is an opportunity for deer spotting) and the woods.
She’s welcomed a little brother and she’s taken on the role of the big sister and teaching him some manners (while picking up some of his bad habits 🤣); she’s made new friends on walks and also helped a rescue foster dog find her feet and overcome her fear of humans.
It’s always going to be the best day when I welcomed her into my life and I am so forever grateful to you for giving me that gift.
All the best to you all, with lots of love from Sadie.”