Kiara’s Sanctuary Story

We have only 130 monthly donors and every £ we receive helps us save the lives of cats like Kiara. 🐱

Kiara and her six kittens were rescued by Sanctuary staff back in November.

After a call from a lady in Oxford saying she’d found one kitten on the road, staff went and found the others and their Mum, Kiara.Β πŸ˜₯

They were very cold and immediately received the care they needed in our warm and cosy quarantine rooms.Β πŸ€’

After 24 hours of TLC they were happily playing together and all was well. 😽

Four of the six kittens were re-homed last week and the remaining two will be going home next week! 😸

Kiara has also been reserved by a lovely adopter and will be going home once she has been spayed and recovered!😻

Please make it your new years resolution to become a monthly donor today:Β